Cleanse Colon Hydrothearpy 


Cost: £90 or 3 for £260 or 6 for £480

Duration: 40 - 55 Minutes


A safe and effective method of cleansing the colon with warm water and sterilised disposables, helping to improve bowel regularities, digestion, body alkalisation, weight loss, constipation, bloating, dull skin, fibromyalgia pain and many more. Whilst you are covered with a towel during the treatment so your privacy and dignity are maintained.


(Can be combined with a discount if done with a sauna blanket, lymphatic drainage, vacuum suction, aqua detox, body wrap with a discount for more information on the detox treatments please look at our detox packages page).


Good practice guide, you will come across lots of places that will do longer colonic treatments, you have to understand there are so many different types of equipment, we preform treatments according to the right guidance and teachings according to the equipment we use. 

We will be introducing new Detox packages as part of the Good Gut Clinic Packages in November 2020.