Introducing The Nutriseed Cold-Pressed Juice Diet
The Nutriseed Cold-Pressed Diet is a juice fast helps you achieve a new you by giving your digestive system a break from solid foods, and providing it with only natural, raw cold-pressed goodness.


The Nutriseed Cold-Pressed Juice Diet is Also Of Course:

  • Freshly cold-pressed in-house
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Made using locally sourced fruit and vegetables
  • Dairy-free
  • Gluten-free


What Will I Receive?
You will receive five different juices for each of your days, in one single delivery. The cold-pressed juices arrive frozen to ensure freshness in transit, and gives you the chance to postpone the date that you begin the diet should you wish.


How Should I Store The Nutriseed Cold-Pressed Juice Diet?
Once your delivery has arrived, transfer all juices straight into the freezer. The night before (ideally 12 hours) pop the following day's juices into the fridge for defrosting. If any of them are not fully defrosted, place the juices into a jug of warm water for approximately 10 minutes. Shake gently before drinking, and enjoy.


What Do We Use To Cold-Press Our Juices?
The Nutriseed Technical Team spent a year scouring the planet for the most trusted, efficient industrial-sized cold-pressed juicer. We aren’t kidding, seriously. It was when we found Goodnature in California, USA, we were introduced to the X-1. It ticked each and every box that we had drawn; it uses hydraulic press technology, is hugely efficient and boasted the tastiest juices that we had ever tried. The juice it produced was nothing short sensational.










1. Clarity

Carrot, Apple, Mint. Put a bit of oomph into your morning with our Clarity. Packed full of vitamins and minerals, these herbs and veggies are here to work every corner of your mind and body.








2. Neon

Mineral Water, Lemon, Cinnamon, Cayenne Pepper, Maple Syrup We’ve carefully crafted Neon especially for performance, and to give you that mid-morning lift. Both hydrating and sweetening, this one’s also perfect for that extra boost of energy, pre or post work-out.









3. Queen of California

Broccoli, Romaine Lettuce, Celery, Pear, Cucumber. A powerful blend of vitamins and minerals, with the added bonus of one world’s most popular health foods, (and one of Nutriseed’s besties) Chia Seeds. Queen of California combines the gentle, soothing effects of Cucumber, Pear and Lettuce with the formidable strength of Celery - offering the perfect blend of benefits and flavours.









4. Another Kind of Green

Cucumber, Kale, Apple, Parsley Green is good.

There’s no two ways about it… And it doesn’t come much greener than our Super Green juice. This juice is jam-packed with healthy greens - this one can’t be matched in its detoxing abilities. Surrender, and let Mother Nature give you the once over.









5. Wildfire

Beetroot, Celery, Apple. In its blend of healthy fibres and antioxidants, our Super Glow is here to cleanse you from the inside out. Flushing out toxins, and supercharging the immune system, our Super Glow juice will leave you feeling refreshed and recharged for the day ahead.

3 Day Nutraseed Juice Clanse

Detox Packages - £249.00


Day 1:        

Colon Hydrothearpy and a gut health test, followed by you collecting your 3 day juice pack from us and starting day 1 cleansing.


Day 2:                          

Day two home juice cleansing.


Day 3:                                

Home juice followed by a Colon Hydrotherapy, you have a few days to get yourself booked in and attend to have yoiur final cleansecleaning . 

It's best to have a monthly colonic, or once a week depending on your needs and requirements. This information will be given to you by our trained specialist.

Furthermore, during the cleanse its best not to eat food, unless your not able to keep to the cleanse program. 


Information about the Juices:                           

  • Made fresh with fruits and vegetables
  • Cold-pressed to retain the nutrients
  • Quick, simple and easy to follow