Franchise Opportunitie

Hi and welcome to the Sannas Group, owners of the Beauty & Detox Spa. If you are interested in having your own business because you don’t have job security or like your current job. Even if you are unemployed or tried running your own business in the past, at the Sannas Group, we have a great offer for you.

The chance to be your own boss and the freedom and flexibility that comes with it, as well as a recognised and fully supported brand, all for less than it would cost to set yourself up.


Why Have a Franchise in the Wellness Sector?

We live in financially unstable times and unemployment rates are higher than they ever been. Rather than waiting around for the dream job to come along, there is no better time than no to reach out and grab the career you want.

Interestingly, when things go from bad to worse and businesses in various sectors close down, one resilient industry is the wellness sector. It always seems to be the case that businesses within the wellness sector bounce back quickest.

This is likely because people nowadays are a lot more aware and focused on their personal health and wellbeing.


Why Work with Sannas Group?

At Sannas Group, we have more than 20 years’ worth of experience within the wellness sector, having run our own business, the Beauty and Detox Spa in Crouch End for many years. Our franchise opportunities were designed to help other individuals like yourself have success.

We have 6 franchise opportunities we offer, each targeting a different area within the health and wellness sector. These are designed to be affordable, requiring a much lower investment than other franchises offered elsewhere, but with the same corporate backing, help and facilities you would expect.


  • The Aesthetics People – The Aesthetics People is all about the face and the body and focuses on offering clients the best treatments, with their safety at the forefront of it all. This franchise covers treatments like 3D face and body liposuction, photo rejuvenation work, IPL hair removal, DermaPen, Carboxy Facial, Mesotherapy, Acoustic Wave Therapy, CryoPen and Skin Tag Removal, Skin Whitening, DermaPlaning.
  • The Laser People – The Laser People is similar to the above but focuses on treatments involving the use of lasers. Whether it’s hair removal or other work you are interested in using high-intensity lasers to offer safe and effective treatments to clients, this franchise is ideal.
  • The Facial People – The focus of The Facial People is very self-explanatory. This is the franchise you will want to invest in if you are looking to help people rejuvenate and refresh their face.
  • The Massage People – If you want all the tools to set up your own massage service for clients, The Massage People is the right franchise for you.
  • The Waxing People – People for a long time now have been interested in removing unwanted hair in any way they can, but one of the most popular methods is waxing. The Waxing People franchise you can set up your own little shop and offer services to people looking to remove hair from virtually any part of their body.
  • The Good Gut People – Although very niche, The Good Gut People is for anyone looking to set up a service offering treatments like Colon Hydrotherapy.


If you want the support of the backing of a team that knows how to raise a business from the ground, get in contact today!

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