Good Gut Clinic

If you have been silently suffering from health conditions related to your stomach or bowels, such as irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, constipation, or other embarrassing digestive issues.

You no longer the need to suffer alone as we understand these gut issues can be a bit of a sensitive subject and not something comfortably discussed.

Please rest assured we are not here to judge but to understand the difficulties that you are having so that we may be able to help you overcome some of your stresses and symptoms, especially if experiencing exhaustion or fatigue.

We have treated over 50,000 clients with FDA approved equipment used in America for bowel cancer patients before endoscopy.

Clients have reported having a great deal of relief even after just one colon hydrotherapy treatment. Our equipment is known as the royal Royce version of Colon hydrotherapy.

Special techniques used to help clear unwanted and hard-to-shift toxins and waste from your bowels to give your gut a clean and fresh start.

Your treatment will be tailored to your specific health needs and can be a combination of enemas, Suppositories, lymphatic drainage massage, juice cleansing and biofeedback test.

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