Massage Treatments

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Massage – Body Consultation

Have you ever wondered why your therapist is using your massage time on what some clients feel is irrelevant talk when you first arrive in the treatment room? Many of you love to jump straight on the massage couch and let the therapist work their massage magic. Whilst there is nothing wrong with that, we want to show you why spending 3-5 minutes discussing your preferences and needs can ensure you get the best treatment results your body needs.

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Massage – Japanese Facial Masaage

A unique, blissful unforgettable experience that includes not only the face but also the head, neck, decolletage and shoulders. Blood and lymph flow are stimulated in the face to help remove toxins. A perfect treat for everyone, including Bell’s palsy and facial paralysis sufferers, as it stimulates facial nerves and tissue repair helping relax facial expressions. A combination of shiatsu and acupressure techniques are also used on the arms and legs to de-stress the whole body.

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Massage – Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage

An amazing, rejuvenating and slimming treatment for the face, as it eliminates excess fluids and toxins accumulated in the tissues, promotes blood circulation and strengthens the muscles, reducing signs of fatigue, fine lines and dark circles. Also excellent for stress, nerves and anxiety.Fresher toned skin from the first treatment.

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Massage – Indian Head Massage

Increases oxygen and nourishment to the scalp, whilst stimulating and improving lymphatic drainage and blood flow to the neck, helping release tensions in the muscle and joints of the head, face, neck & shoulders whilst removing waste products. It also relieves any symptoms of fatigue, insomnia, headaches and sinusitis, leaving you with a feeling of peace and calmness.

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Massage – Back

“Treatments specifically focus on the areas that are a problem spot for most people. The neck and shoulders areas are where we tend to hold a lot of our tension and stresses.
Staying in the same posture for longer period of times, such as sitting at a desk, looking at computers, breastfeeding, even excessive emotional stress can contribute to muscular tightness and joint stiffness. Leaving this pain untreated can result in either neck pain, headaches or migraine.”

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Massage – Neck & Soulders

This 25 minute treatments is ideal for people short of time, whether during a lunch break, when the little one is napping or whenever you need some well-deserved me time. A neck and shoulder massage is an excellent treatment to soothe away aches, pains and stiffness of the neck promoting a deep sense of relaxation and renewed vitality.

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Massage – Legs

Treatment ideal for people who are short of time, whether it’s during a quick lunch break, the little one’s nap or even if it’s just some well-deserved me-time. A neck and shoulder massage is an excellent treatment to soothe away aches & pains, including stiffness in the neck, promoting a deep sense of relaxation and renewed vitality.

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Massage – Arms & Hands

An arm massage aims to decrease tension and pain using a variety of different techniques. Our highly trained massage therapists at use an arm massage to help treat pain, stress and muscles tightness. A hand massage involves using a wide range of techniques to achieve benefits such as decreased tension and swelling. Use a hand massage to help decrease pain, increase relaxation and decrease scarring.

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Massage – Aromatherapy

Treats the mind, body and spirit, using essential oils tailored to your specific needs. It has many healing benefits including its ability to reduce stress, pain & anxiety, ease depression, boost energy levels, eliminate headaches, induce sleep, strengthen the immune system, increase circulation and improve the digestive system.

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Massage – Deep Tissue

Reduces tension & pain in the muscles when they are strained and stressed; this blocks the circulation of oxygen and nutrients from flowing through the muscles, this can lead to inflammation build-up of toxins in the muscle tissue. By placing pressure on these muscles with slow strokes, the muscles can relax and release the build-up of toxins allowing the oxygen and nutrients to circulate again.

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