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Laser For Men – Chest

From the collarbone down to your hip bones

30min £129.00 Book Now
Laser For Men – Legs, Full

From the top of your thighs to the toes.

30min £129.00 Book Now
Laser For Men – Legs, Half

From the top of the knee down to the toes.

30min £129.00 Book Now
Laser For Men – Underarms

The entire armpit

30min £129.00 Book Now
Laser For Men – Full Body

Please, you must shave before you attend this laser appointment!

60min £555.00 Book Now
Face Skin Analysis

During the consultation the aesthetician will assess the areas that you wish to treat and recommend a custom treatment care plan.

30min £30.00 Book Now
Chemical Peels for Pigmentations, Whitening, Acne Scarring Clarify & Anti-Ageing

Are a breakthrough in skin rejuvenation; they can give superior results without the usual pain, downtime, and cost of conventional surgical options. The main aim of the new generation peels is to repair, rebuild and renew the skin and protect the skin from any environmental damage.

60min £69.00 Book Now
Double Chin Reduction

You can now say goodbye to the fat beneath the skin for a more sculpted neck and lifted chin to help improve skin tightness, tone muscles, break down fat cells, and boost collagen production for smoother skin with non-invasive low-level lasers & RF fat loss treatments. To help achieve the best possible results according to your specific needs.

60min £99.00 Book Now
Dermaplaning With LED

“Helps your skin look younger & smoother by gently removing dead skin cells, including the peach fuzz (soft facial hairs) that can trap oil & dirt off your face. By using this natural exfoliation and anti-ageing technique combined with LED light therapy, enhance skin rejuvenation, new collagen production, and your final results are a glowing, brighter, smoother, and healthier-looking skin. LED light therapy options according to your skin needs and goals:

Blue: Kills bacteria and reduces inflammation for clearer skin.
Red: Increases blood flow and collagen, reduces fine lines and wrinkles for younger-looking skin.
Green: Improves pigmentation, fine lines, and anti-ageing for a brighter complexion.

It has been highly recommend to have dermaplanning before any chemical peels to achieve the best possible results for radiant skin and a flawless base for makeup.”

60min £69.00 Book Now
Lift & Tone

The easiest way to iron out those wrinkles! A perfect face gym workout but without sweat, no surgical knife, no gym, and no recovery time, for a more contoured sculpted V-shaped face. The non-surgical micro-currents used to trigger chemical reactions at a cellular level, enhancing the natural collagen and elastin production, to help tone and lift muscles and improve blood circulation.

60min £99.00 Book Now
BB Glow Facial

A hybrid micro-needling treatment combined with BB cream formulation, is introduced into the skin for a brighter complexion and even skin tone. The serums delivered into the skin are packed full of amino acids, antioxidants, and peptides to provide nutritional and skin lightening properties, hence making it effective on darker skin tones, pigmentation and sun-damaged skin conditions.

60min £119.00 Book Now
Microneedling, Derma Roller, Dermapen

Say goodbye to imperfections, hyperpigmentation, skin tone, acne scars, sun damage, open pores, loose skin, and reduce fine lines & wrinkles. Very fine micro-needles are combined with serums to help the skins natural ability to repair itself by creating superficial micro junctions, replacing damaged tissue with new cells by stimulating collagen production for a smoother skin complexion.

60min £149.00 Book Now